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Hand Sanitizer

Baranyuzwe's hydroalcoholic solutions—an infusion of cleanliness and tranquility. Perfect for travel and ideal for disinfecting shaving tools, these solutions offer a relaxing fragrance for the whole family. Compact and versatile, they ensure a soothing, pristine experience wherever you go. Elevate your hygiene routine with Baranyuzwe, combining cleanliness with a calming touch.

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Baranyuzwe Hotel Soap

Baranyazwe hotel and guest room soap, a celebration of lightness and sustainability. This meticulously crafted soap embodies eco-consciousness with its 100% recyclable packaging. Embracing a commitment to the environment, its packaging minimizes waste and encourages a circular economy.

Indulge in a soap that not only uplifts your senses but also resonates with environmentally conscious practices. Elevate the guest experience while contributing to a sustainable future with Baranyazwe soap—where luxury meets eco-friendliness in every wash.

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Baranyuzwe Antiseptic Soap

Baranyuzwe Antiseptic Soap is a natural, eco-friendly cleansing bar crafted to disinfect effectively. Its plant-based formula gently cleanses while safeguarding skin health. Free from harsh chemicals, this soap offers a thorough clean without harming the environment, catering to those seeking a natural and sustainable antiseptic solution.

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